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Writing Update

April 17, 2015

I have a thought for a third book in the Inconvenient Magic series. Hopefully it will percolate into something novel worthy.

April 13, 2015

The files for Rider's Journey have been submitted to Amazon. The novel is a lean 67k, but I think this length improves the pacing of the action. In the next few days, I will generate and upload the files for Kobo. As it appears that the Nook is a moribund platform, it may be some time before I put the book up there. However, if someone makes a specific request here, I will endeavor to make the book available in that format or any other that I have the facility to produce.

I'm going to focus on Thief now. While it is possible that I can get it out by summer, a more realistic projection at this point would be September or later. As an experiment, I intend to put Thief up for pre-order on Amazon in about 90 days.

I will continue to work on A World in Parts and hope to have it finished by the end of this year or the beginning of next.

March 30, 2015

The draft of Rider's Journey is done. It should be up for sale in two weeks.

February 6, 2015

Here is the first draft of the cover for Rider's Journey.

Rider's Journey

January 7, 2015

Happy New Year to one and all. Rider's Journey needs another month or two.

A snippet:

After a good hundred yards, he came upon Dervla standing in a casual pose in the triangular pocket of shade cast by an up-tilted slab of slate.

"Now he's resting on a liver shaped plateau above a hardscrabble flat covered with purple-red stones," she announced.

David did not stop. Over a slight rise another thirty steps further he found her sitting on the pile of broken stone that was evidently a fallen dolmen of moderate size.

"You're going in the wrong direction," she pointed out.

The third time he found her in his path -- stretched out on a large flat rock as if sunning -- he gave up. "What is it that you want from me?"

Propping herself up on her elbows, she grinned. "I'm just fulfilling our deal."

"You snookered me. What's to fulfill?"

She stood and wagged a finger at him in reproach. "You wound me, really."

"Could you go bother Gwenhwyvar?"

"Not interested in being her lunch. What with her being ... moody and all, I think it best that she has some time to herself."

"I'm moody too and I could certainly use some time to myself."

Dervla's eyes tightened. "You've known Gwenhwyvar for a while, I take it?"

"A month or so."


"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Oh, just I was just thinking about something else. Never mind that. Back to Guillaume. We need to get going if we're to catch him on his next perch."

"Just to clarify, you're saying that you know not just where he is at any given present moment but where he will be in a future moment?"

"Of course. Fenodyree magic is powerful stuff."

"And you can take me there?"

"Well, technically, as far as transporting third parties, I can only return lost things to their proper place. Specifically, this most often has to do with lost children being returned home, but everyone is someone's child and home is where the heart is and if your heart is set on the caledfwlch, then it's just a matter of having the proper state of mind, if you get my drift."

As he had learned from the first in the flesh Fenodyree that he had met, Peddyr Fasakerly, self-serving loose interpretation of magical strictures was another primary Fenodyree characteristic.

Even though he already knew this, he felt compelled to ask, "Isn't that playing fast and loose with the rules?"

"If you knew much about Fenodyree, you'd know that fast and loose is our stock in trade."

He nodded, repressing a smile. "What will it cost me?"

"The right to name your firstborn."


"Your second born?"


"How many children are you planning on having?"


She smirked. "Never say never."

"How much?"

"A florin in good silver money."

"Where and when?"

"The day after."

"The day after what?"

"You'll know."

"What does that mean?"

"That you'll know when."

David gave a weary sigh. "It doesn't matter. I agree. Take me to the caledfwlch."

"Can we do it with the formal language, at least this first time?"

He sighed again. "Great and wondrous Fenodyree, I'm lost and I would like to be sent home."

Dervla shimmied in glee and snapped her fingers three times.

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