Writing Update

March 25, 2016

Technology, Begin: is simmering but not being written at the moment. I may start work on something else. At this stage and considering all of the other tasks currently making demands on my time, I do not expect to publish another novel of any sort until late in the fall. My apologies to those looking for another book, but alas the muse apparently has moved to the south of France for the season.

February 20,2015

Technology, Begin: is not progressing. For me, writing in a humorous vein requires a certain positive motivation and this unfortunately has been lacking. At present, most of my spare energy is going into the design of a MMORPG. My youngest son and I have been potty training my youngest grandson and have found this a very fullfilling and rewarding venture. At this stage, I cannot give a projection as to when TB will be published and I am tempted to work on some of my other in progress novels in an attempt to find other inspiration.

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