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Writing Update

August 13, 2014

After a very much less than awe-inspiring number of entries (12 total), I have completed the promotional drawing.

Drawing Methodology as follows: In no specific order, each entry was assigned a non-zero integer (1-12). Three random numbers in 1-12 were generated at No duplicates were generated and no rerolls required. The prizes were awarded in sequence.

First Prize (Appear as character in Thief): Charles Friend.

Second Prize (Paperback): Jake Tritt

Third Prize (ebook): James Norton

I will email each of the winners. If any used a dead drop, temporary, or throw away email, then it will be their responsibility to contact me to claim their prize. All prizes not claimed after 90 days will become null and void.

July 25, 2014

I've been spending a lot of time this month on the publishing side of my enterprise, but am still plugging along on Rider's Journey


With only a few weeks left in the drawing, I have not officially tallied the entries, but thus far it appears that there are much less than fifty. I have to reach the conclusion that few people read this on a regular basis, which means I am free to spoil Thief.

The wizard appeared while Waleck was sleeping.
Mar's unease warned him and he was ready.
Zso immediately raised his hands and backed away.  "Please don't kill me again!"

June 24, 2014

Rider's Journey is moving slowly. My mundane work is still monopolizing my time and it seems likely that the novel will not be done until the late fall.

May 25, 2014

I'm on holiday for the next few weeks to catch up on my backlog of mundane work. The Unfinished Universe novel has been stealing time from Rider's Journey but my intention is to concentrate on the latter and get it out on schedule.

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The Key to Magic is the saga of a young man who is the product of centuries of magical genetic manipulation. Mar is born into an age where magic is a mathematical science and technology is simply another word for magic.  The consequences of a globe annihilating conflict hurl him as an infant into a mundane future where magic is no more than a despised fanatical religion.  In order to escape a destiny that magicians long dead have written for him, he must learn to use the inborn abilities that make him the last true master of magic.

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