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August 28, 2015

I did not make my self-imposed pre-order deadline. Since a pre-order at this point would delay (10 days) the publication of the novel, I am going to work to get Thief published by the middle of September.

July 20, 2015

Here's the cover for Thief. May change slightly before publication. The current plan is to put the book up for pre-order at Amazon on or about August 13 with a publication date of September 13.

Thief Cover

June10, 2015

I just realized that I haven't posted in a while. I've been on vacation for about two weeks and haven't worked on Thief much at all. Unless someone loans me a DeLorean, there is no possibility of the book being finished by July. Septempber looks iffy.

A snippet from the draft for the non-existent readers of this blog:

Mar watched the undertime portal close behind Lyra and her exhausted children and struck one more task from his depressingly still long mental list.

Like most, the shaded, drafty alley stank of stale urine, rotted garbage, and other less agreeable smells, but these odors reminded him of the hundred times during his youth when he had passed through such in Khalar and he paused for several moments as memories of simpler times played through his mind.

Weary of the work that now occupied his every waking and even some of his dreaming moments, he was briefly tempted to cast a light bending glamour that would allow him to sneak about through the Mhajhkaei of this moment, invisible, unchallenged, and unnoticed, just as he had once, for all practical purposes, passed through Khalar.

This was his own recent and well-remembered life, not some all but mythical ancient world or half-forgotten boyhood memory. Not far from where he now stood, a barely younger though much more ignorant and naive Mar was just beginning to learn the power of his magic. Out in the bay aboard one of the resurrected magical ships of the Brotherhood of Phaelle, a traitorous Waleck had begun to set his tortuous plots in motion. Telriy, rescued but not yet his, awaited at the Palace just a short jaunt across the Citadel. Here at this moment within the breached walls of this greatest of fortresses, Lord Ghorn, Mhiskva, Ulor, Berhl, and all the rest were engaged in their desperate but doomed fight to save The Greatest City in All the World.

But he could not interfere, dared not change even a single second, and watching the events unfold from an uninvolved perspective would surely gain little to help him secure the future.

And he certainly did not have the time to simply gawk.

He let a slow breath erase the temptation, shed the glamour that had made him appear a Mhajhkaeirii'n legionnaire, raised his hand to stir the ether, and stepped forward into undertime.

At once, his unease screamed an urgent warning, drawing him to the Monolith and to Telriy.

A flash of a vision from the shallows showed him a shocking tableau in the tiny space beneath the encroaching stone: the wizard Zso exiting undertime while intense ethereal flux energies built around him; Telriy, Yhejia, and Aunt Whelsi crouched beneath a stout wooden table for protection from still tumbling bits of stone; his newborn child in her mother's arms, a daughter whose tiny being made a bright flare in the background ether; and finally the despised villain whom Mar had resolved to hunt down and destroy -- Waleck!

He saw the bulky object in Waleck's hand, a pistol in Standard, bark ethereal fire, saw the mess that Zso's brains made on the jumbled rubble behind, and then he threw himself through a wrenched-open portal just as the wizard's corpse hit the floor.

He landed adjacent to Zso's body and immediately advanced across the cavity toward Waleck.

By default the sorcerer's weapon was pointed in Mar's direction, but he made no move to bring it to bear and showed no alarm or surprise at the younger man's abrupt appearance.

"That won't stop me," Mar ground out as he drew back a fist flush with not just the strength of his anger but also with the awful force of his magic.

April 17, 2015

I have a thought for a third book in the Inconvenient Magic series. Hopefully it will percolate into something novel worthy.

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