Official Rules

The purpose of this drawing is to promote traffic to this website and to gauge interest in it.

This drawing will not be valid in any territory or jurisdiction where such drawings are prohibited by law.

If any provision of these rules is at any point found to be invalid or unlawful by any court having jurisdiction over the principal place of business of Rhynedahll Software, then the drawing will be cancelled and all offers of prizes will be withdrawn.

No purchase of any kind is necessary to participate in this drawing.

The promotional awards offered in this drawing have no cash value.

The promotional drawing will be held on August 13, 2014. The methodology of the drawing will be a simple random number generation to select from the pool of valid entries.

First Prize will be the right to appear as a walk-on (and quickly killed, dismembered and forgotten) character in the final novel of The Key to Magic, Thief. The winner of the First Prize will be allowed to create a description and a name for the walk-on character. The character name must fit the spelling and cultural conventions of the series. The character may be human, a metamorphosed human, or a magical hybrid from the ancient age of magic as depicted in the series. I reserve the right to alter, modify, or completely rework the winner's character submission.

Second Prize will be a paperback copy (signed if desired) of the winner's choice of one of the seven novels in the series. As of 2/6/2014, only the first four novels are available in paperback editions. A paperback edition of the last three novels will be produced during 2014. If the Third Prize winner selects one of these and for any reason the final three novels are not ready in paperback editions by the date of the drawing, the prize will be sent to the Second Prize winner when it becomes available.

Third Prize will be winner's choice of one of my ebooks gifted from Amazon.

Unless otherwise indicated, entries will be accepted beginning September 1. Retroactive to September 1, valid comments (valid being defined totally by me) on this webpage will earn 1 entry. Submission of typos will earn 1 entry. Readers of this blog may earn 1 entry by sending me an email of introduction. Those who have already signed up for email notification of future releases will automatically earn 1 entry unless they indicate that they do not wish to participate. Multiple entries are allowed, but no spam or attempts to game the drawing.

I am the ultimate, arbitrary, capricious, final, and sole judge of what constitutes a valid entry.

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