What inspired you to write the KTM series?

This one is hard to answer because I started writing Orphan in (roundabouts) 1972. I could speculate, but the only authentic answer that I can come up with now is that I had an idea and ran with it.

What inspired you to write the Inconvenient Magic series?

I grow potatoes. Getting the potatoes out of the ground by hand is a chore...

What inspired you to write the Riders series?

As is common nowadays, I woke up in the morning with an idea. It happened to be about whirlwinds.

What inspired you to be a writer?

Reading. When I was eight, I began to read Heinlein, Burroughs, Laumer, Asimov, Norton, Dick, and every other author available at the public library in the adult SF section. My mother and older brothers had to sneak books passed the librarian for me. Back then, librarians thought that they should steer little boys away from real books.

Saw on your web site you are doing planting...What do you grow on the farm? I grow tomatoes, various squash, cucumbers and several other low maintenance veggies?

Potatoes, carrots, cabbage, onions, tomatoes, peppers, corn, pinto beans, purple hull peas, green beans, watermelon, squash, turnips, okra, oranges, apples, pears.

How many books are projected for Inconvenient Magic and Chronicle of the Rider?

The books in the Inconvenient Magic series are all independent stories, though each successive novel will depend on the previous ones. I will only add to the series as an idea presents itself. The Chronicle of the Rider will be at least five books, depending upon how the story develops when I expand the outline.

Do you only publish digitally?

For the most part, yes. The first four books of The Key to Magic are available as rather expensive POD paperbacks from Amazon. Eventually, I will make all of my novels available in this format for those who prefer a good old fashioned physical book.

Who does the art for your covers?

I do, such as they are. The majority are digital renders from the open source program Blender.

Would you consider collaborating with another writer?

Not at present. I have quite a few novels already in the works.

Have you done any ghost writing?


Do you have any nom de plumes?


When is the next book coming out?

In an ideal world, I would publish four books a year, or one every three months. My real world track record is something on the order of six to eight months. Generally, the delay is due to the fact that I have numerous other obligations that require my time.

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