The Key to Magic is the saga of a young man who is the product of centuries of magical genetic manipulation. Mar is born into an age where magic is a mathematical science and technology is simply another word for magic.  The consequences of a globe annihilating conflict hurl him as an infant into a mundane future where magic is no more than a despised fanatical religion.  In order to escape a destiny that magicians long dead have written for him, he must learn to use the inborn abilities that make him the last true master of magic.

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Mar was a thief. Not a cutpurse – or, at least, not often – but a true outlaw denizen of the rooftops. He stole from the rich, and sometimes from the not so rich, and, if truth were to be told, even from the poor if he was hungry enough. He had grown up on the streets of Khalar, the last city of the Glorious Empire of the North, and thievery was simply the life that he had been dealt. He took considerable pride in the fact that he was a good thief -- he still had his head.

But when an ill-advised theft went horribly wrong and the whole city rose up to crucify him, he had no choice but to flee into the Great Waste with an insane scrapper. There he spent his days, baking in the merciless sun as he dug for bits of metal in an ancient sundered city.

And then he found a door.

And, being a thief, he unlocked it.

Orphan is an epic fantasy novel of 99,180 words.

Author's note:

"I began writing Orphan (First title: The Key to Magic) somewhere around the mid-seventies and worked on it, off and on, for years. I only finished the novel in 2003 when I had the wherewithal to focus on it full time. One of my sons had read the typewritten draft chapters and wanted to read the rest of the story and it was through his urging that I completed it. Originally, the draft comprised all of the material that is currently in the first two novels (Orphan and Magician). I sent this around to a few major publishers that still accepted unsolicited manuscripts and quite handily received form letter rejections. In 2010, I discovered Amazon's KDP and thought to give it a go. After doing some research, I realized that I would have to restrict the length of the novels to a more manageable 100k and so split the original draft. At first, sales were less than stellar, but in 2012, the series seemed to finally find its audience."

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Mar grew up an orphan on the streets of Khalar, doing whatever necessary to survive -- working, begging, stealing. When an insane scrapper led him to an ancient sundered city, he discovered a book of lost knowledge. This book and the scrapper’s eon’s long quest have led him to begin a great journey to rediscover the technology of the ancient world -- magic.

When his companions, the young witch Telriy and the enigmatic Waleck, were stolen away by the despised Brotherhood of Phaelle, Mar had to depend on weak and half-understood spells in order fight this new enemy. He has learned to perceive the magical fields that permeate all things. He has learned to manipulate magic to change the physical restrictions of his world. He has crossed a wilderness on a skyraft of his own creation. Now, seeking the lost Telriy and Waleck, he has come to Mhajhkaei, The Greatest City in All the World.

But Mhajhkaei is at war.

And it is losing.

Magician is an epic fantasy novel of 90,372 words.

Author's note:

"As do all the titles in the series, the title Magician reflects the stage of progression of the life and status of the main character, Mar. In this novel, the backstories of Mar, Telriy, and Waleck, which are told in the flashback chapters, are concluded (but not completed.) As stated previously, approximately two-thirds of this novel was originally part of The Key to Magic."

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The ancient magic of the Blood Oath has trapped Mar and made him King of the Mhajhkaeirii. In spite of all of his efforts to change it, the fate revealed to him by the Moon Pool seems unavoidable.

Unless he can discover a stronger magic!

King is an epic fantasy novel of 97,937 words.

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Mar has returned to Khalar, suffered and bled, and become its emperor.

Can the kingdom of Mhajhkaei survive?

Emperor is an epic fantasy novel of 90,561 words.

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Telriy is gone and Mar must pursue his war against the Brotherhood of Phaelle alone. When the monks unleash new and unstoppable magical weaponry, his kingdom and empire seemed doomed to fall. With no other option, he must rediscover the ancient magic that will make him a wizard -- a master of time and space.

Warrior is an epic fantasy novel of 88,389 words.

Author's note:

"Warrior came about because of the need to advance a large number of secondary character arcs. I had the choice of neglecting them entirely, or expanding Wizard to double the length of the other novels. I chose to insert another book as this also gave me the luxury of closing out a number of disparate plot threads."

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Mar has stopped the Brotherhood of Phaelle, but at the cost of his own future. Can he find it again in the depths of undertime?

Wizard is an epic fantasy novel of god-only-knows words.

Author's note:
"Wizard is where everything has had to come together."

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Mar has returned from the past to save his future.

But he has not come alone.

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