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Jen Profiterole (US) says...
Awe! I love your work and look forward to reading your other books. So happy to have met you!! This is by far my highlight of the month. :)
23rd October 2014 1:53pm
James Norton (US) says...
Just finished Wizard and I must say that I loved it greatly. I find the scientific nature of the magical world facinating and can understand the length and time it took to create it. As with all good books the only complaint is that it is too short and ends without a conclusion. I look forward tot he next book.
6th February 2014 9:41am
Chris says...
While I love your series to death, life and family (which are sometimes so powerfully intertwined) often rear their heads. I hope things go well with your family and find joy in the stress. I\'d personally hope to see the Key to Magic series continued this year. But none the less I\'ll read just about anything you publish.
18th January 2014 8:57pm
James R Norton Sr (US) says...
it\'s Christmas Eve and was looking forward to reading the next key to magic series, well maybe it will be out before new years. great series, great author. I want to see \"no children allowed in the apoculaspe\"
25th December 2013 12:03am
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