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D.W. Jackson says...
really love your books. As a fellow author if you can think of any way i can give you a hand just give me a shout at
20th September 2015 1:36am
TX (Australia) says...
As a Sci-Fi/Fantasy reader, I was hooked when I read the corollary from the first book I took a chance on Amazon...brilliant! Love the story, keep at it!
9th July 2015 5:40pm
Norm Miller (US) says...
Your writing fills a void that was left when RAH left us, and Spider Robinson ceased churning out his Callahan novels! I have now read everything you\\\'ve published and enjoyed every word! Anxiously awaiting \\\"Thief\\\"!
23rd May 2015 2:42pm
Eric (US) says...
I loved your books. I look forward to the next book! The end of Wizard left me yearning for more. Thanks for writing.
3rd February 2015 2:34pm
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